Congratulations, you have stumbled upon a secret weapon for your instrument.

Weak strings got you down? All Kerly strings are seasoned between minus 320F and plus 350F to reduce microcracking. This patented process makes our strings sound better and last longer than any other string in the industry. Unlike regular strings which corrode quickly,  go dead and break prematurely, our patented hot / cold process closes up microcracks making Kerly strings the best string at any price, hands down.

Nothing feels and sounds better than Kerly Strings.

Kerly Music Corporation Guitar Strings


D'Addario Guitar Strings

Dean Markley Guitar Strings

DR Guitar Strings

Dunlop Guitar Strings

Elixir Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball Strings

Everly Guitar Strings

Fender Guitar Strings

GHS Strings

John Pearse Guitar Strings

Martin Guitar Strings

Newtone Strings

Savarez Guitar Strings

Hannabach Guitar Strings

Rotosound Strings

Galli Strings

Gibson Guitar Strings

Thomastik-Infeld Strings

La Bella Strings

Godin Strings

Luthier Strings

Cleartone Guitar Strings

Ken Smith Strings

Curt Mangan Fusion Matched Guitar Strings

Aranjuez Classical Guitar Strings

Aquila Strings

R. Cocco Strings

Red Brand Guitar Strings

Gretsch Strings

Darco Guitar Strings by Martin

SIT Strings

Pyramid Guitar Strings

Adamas Strings

Black Diamond Strings

Royal Classics Strings

Augustine Strings

Worth Ukulele Strings

Alloy 5109 Strings

Sfarzo Strings